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Actor & Tenor


VINCE B. VINCENT been performing since the age of eight. He credits finding his love for music to his elementary school music teacher, Christine Radcliffe who takes the role of second mother to this day! He started his journey working with CM Performing Arts Center for 10 years where he took part in several musicals and theatrical productions. He then went to Vassar College, where he studied orchestral and choral conducting while still exploring jazz, musical theater and classical voice.   He went on to Yale University to receive his MM in Opera Performance. While at Yale, Vince began to develop a career as a baritone. 2014 marks a special relationship as Vince will begin his work as a tenor, performing the role of Ojuwain in Braxton’s opera Trillium J. 


Vince performs because he wants to tell the stories of the various composers and writers he gets to explore as an artist. "All areas of performance are rooted in firm traditions.  My goal is to take the traditions of yesterday and innovate them to keep the story alive and today's audiences interested in art. I don't just want to be known as an opera singer or actor. I want to be known as a 21st century artist, I want to dabble in a bit of everything. I'll tell the story in whatever medium it's presented in!" 





"Vince Vincent’s Emperor Overall was sung with extraordinary range and color." 

-Steven Jude Tietjen,

"Baritone Vince Vincent played the Emperor Overall with manic energy, soaring from the heights of megalomania to the depths of despair with a potent baritone and a gritty stage presence." 

- Paul J. Pelkonen,

"The voices were excellent without exception.  Baritone Vince Vincent sang the title role."

- Meche Kroop,

"Every muscle in his body and face seemed to be expressively, thoughtfully deployed in service to the libretto and score."

-Eric Myers, Opera News Magazine


"Vince B. Vincent as Er brings some much appreciated levity to the show, inspiring bursts of laughter throughout his time in an otherwise intense and emotionally demanding show."

                                                                            -Marti Sichel, Playing Around,WomandAroundTown


"...but she prefers Son # 2 called Er...We particularly enjoyed his aria and was sorry when he was killed by a bellicose friend of Onan."

                                                                                           -Meche Kroop,


" a young man, the smooth voiced Vince B Vincent meets up with a deceased ex-girlfriend."

                                                                                             -Corinna da Fonesca-Wollheim, NY Times


“This role is played by the furious and magnificent Vince Vincent who isn’t only vocally brilliant but also has strong acting. His lethal, death bearing eyes showed all the faces of a cruel power seeker.  You can see that he is the absolute ideal and only candidate for this role by the number of productions he has played.”

                                                                                             -Michaela Preiner, European Cultural News

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